Testimonial from Vendor - ‘Wharf Terraces’ Woolloomoolooo
Set a sales record

I previously met Jaime a year prior to the sale of my property when she successfully secured the listing and subsequent sale of my sister’s residence also within ‘Wharf Terraces’. My sister and I both found Jaime to be personable & empathic in all of our dealings.

I was approached by and interviewed several well-known agents and agencies, but I chose to list ‘16 Wharf Terraces’ with Jaime and her agency. Jaime, along with her assistant, worked hard, and a combination of her intelligence, an extraordinary database, sales skills and work ethic resulted in an excellent result which was both timely and set a sales record for the ‘Wharf Terraces’ in this current market!

I am delighted with the result and would highly recommend her skills to anyone contemplating listing any unique or high-end property in the Sydney market.

Vendor - ‘Wharf Terraces’ Woolloomoolooo - April 2023