Ben Cohen Upper North Shore Specialist

Ben Cohen Upper North Shore Specialist

Ben recognises that at the core of selling real estate is building relationships. This ultimately allows Ben to build a level of trust with his clients, which acts as the foundation for securing premium results.

With a strong reputation as a leading prestige specialist in the most sought-after pockets of Sydney’s Upper North Shore, Ben provides an unmatched service to his clients through his commitment to relationships, market knowledge and offering the most desirable experience when it comes to selling a home.

Ben recognises that both selling and buying a home is an emotional process and understands how to manage emotions and expectations to ensure that only the best outcome is secured for his clients.

A critical element of Ben’s offering is his ability to identify and understand needs, which allows him to tailor his service experience to match the needs of his client.

Backed by one of the finest real estate brands on the planet, Ben provides the most incomparable selling experience to his clients through unmatched global exposure, strong international relations, and an inherent culture of luxury.

Curating the highest quality of marketing through unparalleled attention to style and detail, Ben ensures that his client’s homes are placed at the forefront of the market and ahead of their competition.

Ben currently holds and continues to break price records throughout the Upper North Shore’s most exclusive positions.

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