Spencer Liang-Sun Accounts Manager & Licensed Real Estate Agent

Spencer Liang-Sun Accounts Manager & Licensed Real Estate Agent

Armed with a degree in Accounting and Finance, Spencer Liang-Sun has been working as a full time financial controller in  the Real Estate industry for three years.  

Being a multi-linguist (Mandarin, Shanghaiese and English), Spencer is undoubtably regarded as a great asset to his team and organisation, particularly when it comes to dealing with Chinese clients.  

In the year of 2015 he sold more than ten properties by himself in the Sydney CBD in addition to being the full time company accountant.

Spencer realised he was destined and determined to use his talent and special skill set for a successful career in Real Estate selling. 

Spencer has a relentless eye for detail, understanding of the client's needs, compassion and success when dealing with high net worth local and international clients for some of Sydney's prestigious properties.

With his drive, enthusiasm and capabilities, he is well on the way to achieving it all!!

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